Product : WinTV-NOVA-S-USB2 Digital Sattellite TV

WinTV-NOVA-S-USB2 Digital Sattellite TV

Watch, pause and record digital satellite TV on your PC or Laptop!
WinTV-NOVA-S-USB2 brings high quality digital satellite TV(DVB-S) to your laptop or desktop PC.
    Watch, Pause and Record satellite TV, in a window or full screen.
    Receive hundreds of free-to-air digital satellite TV channels from different countries and cultures!
    Or listen to high quality satellite radio channels while you work on your PC!
Our New WinTV application   allows you to watch, pause and record digital satellite TV in a window on your PC or Laptop screen. Pause live TV and create your own instant replay.
    Use the WinTV-Scheduler to record your TV programmes on a once only, daily or weekly schedule.
    The WinTV application will record your programmes to disk in the original digital video quality.
WinTV-NOVA-S-USB2 is easy to install.  Just plug it into your PC or laptops' USB 2.0 port,plug in the external power supply and connect a satellite dish (DiSEqc 1.0* is supported).
    In a few minutes you'll be watching digital satellite TV on your PC or laptop screen!

  • ราคา : 3,300 บาท

Main Features

- Watch free-to-air digital satellite TV (DVB-S)
  programmes on your PC or laptop screen, in a window or
  full screen!  
- No need to open your PC: just plug into your USB 2.0 
- Pause digital satellite TV with instant replay.  
- Record digital satellite TV
   programmes to disk using in the original MPEG-2 quality.
   Playback your satellite TV recordings at any time. 
- Includes WinTV-Scheduler, so you can schedule your TV
   recordings on a daily, weekly or once only shedule. 
- Listen and record to DVB-S satellite radio.. 
- DiSEqC 1.0 support. 
- Includes Hauppauge's ergonomic IR remote control for
  easy control of the TV functions 

System Requirements

- Minimum processor 1.5 GHz Intel® or equivalent. 
- Microsoft Windows Vista (32 & 64bit) or XP (32bit only)
  with Service Pack 2 
- Graphics with 64 MB of memory (minimum). 
- Sound card or on board sound. 
- USB 2.0 port (will not work with USB 1.1). 
- CD-ROM drive (for software installation) 
- Satellite dish with Universal LNB (DiSEqC 1.0 supported). 
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