Product : PCI Card VisionPlus

PCI Card VisionPlus

TwinhanDTV Sat/Sat-CI Card allows you to watchdigital TV & Radio programs via a PCI interface Card.With TwinhanDTV Sat/Sat-CI Card, users are able to watch, record & play back high quality digital TV program on their PC Monitors. Today, a vast array of entertainment media is not onlyfound on TV set top boxes, but also available on your home PC.

  • ราคา : 1,800 บาท

Main Features

- Support DVB protocol 
- Digital Satellite TV and Radio Program Receiving 
- Real time Digital Video Recording and Schedule
- Time-shifting 
- Electronic Program Guide (EPG)  
- Multi-Channel Preview (FTA Channels Only) 
- Transponder, Satellite Auto Scan . 
- iewing and Recording Different Channels simultaneously
  in the same transponder
- MPEG-II Software Decoding 
- Software Upgradeable
- Still Frame Capture 
- Favorite List
- Support Teletext

System Requirements

- OS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP. 
- CPU: 500 MHz or better  
- Memory: 128MB or more 
- VGA card with at least 8 MB Memory 
- Sound card  
  - User manual[PDF]  
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